About Clint Bertalan Farms, LLC

For over 20 years Clint Bertalan has specialized in excavation for the equestrian and farm community.

At an early age Clint developed a love for earthwork from his Grandfather. If fact, when Clint was 13 years old, farmers in the surrounding areas had given him the nick-name, “Dozer Boy,” because word spread about how good he was behind different types of heavy machinery.

His passion for earthwork has been something that has driven him to be hands on at all times with each and every project. There are other contractors out there with a passion for horses and that is why they have gotten into arena building but not Clint. Clint has a passion for the ground your horse trains and grazes; making him the ideal contractor for your entire earthwork needs.

You might be asking, “Why should I pick Clint Bertalan for all my earthwork needs?”

The answer is simple; his passion for excellence drives him to be hands on till the very end. Working with his clients to make sure that they are 100% satisfied.